The importance of software testing

Par Marie Krust

22 Sep 2012

Primary business dependence on key software solutions are the drivers for high quality software. Wether your business produces software or uses own or third party software, the costs of low quality and buggy software is simply to high compared to the additional investment that has to be made in quality assurance and software testing in order to fulfill the highest quality standards.

The later a defect is found, the more expensive it’s resolution will be. Below is an assessment of the cost multiplier when defects are lately discovered:

q-leap cost-of-late-bugs

With the appropriate software testing methodology and setup you will:

  • find the most damaging existing defects
  • avoid future software defects
  • gain the necessary confidence in your software quality
  • have a decision tool at hand to assess and decide on software maturity, potential project delays and other important management decisions of the software lifecycle.

Without the knowledge of the software risk and the software quality level, managers are paralysed and good business decisions about the software (e.g. deploy now or delay) become impossible.

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