The cost of software defects

Par Marie Krust

12 Jan 2013

Poor software quality has tremendous costs depending on the context, in which the software is used. In general, both users and producers of software bear this cost, and both have thus a strong interest to improve the quality of the software they are using or developing.

Costs are both hidden and visible, but in both cases they damage your business.

A non exhaustive list of the visible costs include:

  • direct damage caused by software misbehaviour, including loss of life in extreme cases. The history is full of disastrous to very costly software bugs.
  • productivity degradation of the users.
  • oversized and overcharged support teams.

The less visible costs:

  • reduced innovation speed of the development team.
  • image damage.
  • deceleration of the sales cycle.
  • low market momentum and loss of customers.

Ass a relevant part of the costs may be called ‘opportunity costs’ the direct assessment of software costs may be difficult. But software experts are well aware about the direct cost of software defects in their team. Just make the test: Ask your developers what portion of their time they spend chasing bugs and writing test code? Then you multiply by the number of programmers in your organization, and you get an idea of the test effort you are investing already today and the efficiency improvement potential by investing some time and money in your software quality assurance and your testing methodology.

Getting you software testing strategy right is crucial to your business, and talking to our experts might be the most efficient way!

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