Agile Testing in practice with Christian Baumann

Par Marie Krust

24 Sep 2015

Agile Testing and Continuous Delivery

This September 22nd, Agile Interest Group Luxembourg (AIGLU) was held a symposium on « Agile Testing and Continuous Delivery » in collaboration with Société Générale Bank & Trust (SGBT*) in Luxembourg.

Christian Baumann, agile testing expert at q-leap, had been invited by AIGLU to present his expertise and knowledge on Agile Testing. He argued that agile beginners often find the « Agile Manifesto » too abstract and unhelpful for guidance in concrete situations.

Christian therefore took the opportunity to make the link between the Manifesto and his concrete work and projects. He presented tools like Gherkin a Domain-Specific Language readable by non-IT business to describe expected software behaviour; and Selenium, a tool used to interact programmatically with web interfaces.

Then, the strategic software delivery consultant and Agile thought leader “Gojko Adzic”, made a dynamic appeal for agile approaches and their benefical business and project impacts such as: customer satisfaction improvement, marketing support or project time reduction.

No less than 60 people were attending this event. Lots of different IT profiles attended this event among which, test managers, developers, project managers, agile experts and others.

The opportunity was given to discuss about agile approaches and agile testing with experienced practitioners. Both keynote speakers mind were leading the same way, namely improve the customers’ satisfaction by optimizing the quality through the whole software life cycle.

* During this event, SGBT announced the creation of its Internal Agile Club and reiterated its ambitions to manage 50% of its IT projects in Agile mode.



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