A new Solution Architect at q-leap, Pouriya Zarbafian!

Par Marie Krust

22 Oct 2015

Today, we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of a new Solution Architect in the company, another high potential for our software quality experts team.

Pouriya Z. is a software engineer and expert in designing and programming algorithms, with a broad and in-depth knowledge in many areas of computer science. His motto: « we should not compromise on quality ».

He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the « Grande Ecole » Supélec, a forefront of Energy and Information Science in France among the world’s top institutes in electrical and computer engineering.

Pouriya Zarbafian started his career as Software Engineer at the « Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann » in Luxembourg. For four years he was in charge of the re-design of a payout application to a modern service-oriented architecture, a work commissioned by the « Caisse Nationale des Prestations Familiales».

After this project, Pouriya joined I.R.I.S. Luxembourg (today part of CANON) as Developer and Test Engineer. He performed quality assurance via continuous integration and regression testing, in particular for an Electronic Content Management System « in the cloud ». He quickly developed team leader skills and created muti-level training programs for end users, project teams and developers.

Just prior to joining our team, he worked with « SIX Payment Services », a leader in the Payment Card Industry. This was a great opportunity for him to develop and improve his skills in the domain of financial software.

Pouriya has joined our innovative company with ten years of experience in software engineering under his belt. A new challenge for this result-oriented team player to bring to fruition new projects in software and software quality assurance. There is no doubt that he will help to bring q-leap into the leadership rank of software quality assurance and testing in Luxembourg.

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