With a background of studying Computer Science and Software Engineering, Stefan has worked in
the Software Testing industry since the very first day.  As a Context Driven an
d Exploratory Tester, he constantly increased his experience in testing, automating scripts, and managing and improving the testing processes. His previous work environments were internationally collaborative and constantly changing, where Stefan has learned to be highly adaptive in both teamwork and individual skills. He obtained the insight to recognize which information is valuable, and where to look for it. He is able to learn intrinsic information about projects and systems very fast and effectively. This was done in multiple sectors, from software security to the totally different e-commerce marketplace.

“Stefan’s previous experiences managing tests, by combining manual and automated aspects, allows him leading test projects from the early phases until the latest test activities. This is a great added value for our customers. That’s why I’m very pleased to welcome him today and to join our team of test specialists.” Julien Desmulier, Testing & QA Services Manager at q-leap.

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