We are coming to ICT Spring 2017!

Par Marie Krust

09 Apr 2017

We are coming to
ICT Spring 2017!

Find us on one of the world’s most influential ICT conventions, ICT Spring 2017, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg on May 9th & 10th!

With over 5000 key players in the IT world from over 72 countries, a program of seminars and presentation by some of the biggest players in the business, and the latest and greatest innovations in the business, ICT Spring is the place to be for q-leap!

We will be present with our team with a booth to share our knowledge and speak to you, to attend seminars and presentations to broaden our knowledge, and to get the latest insights in the market.

As an influential voice in the worldwide Tech community,  the aim of ICT Spring is to encourage emulation and networking  between business decisions makers, innovation managers, startups,  researchers and venture capitalists on a European scale. It is a yearly event held in Luxembourg City which is dedicated to exhibiting and demonstrating the latest relevant trends and innovations and discuss their impact on society and the working world.

“At q-leap, we believe that quality is a process throughout the whole development, from the beginning to the very end. Every employee within q-leap thinks about quality. The Business Analysts, the software testers, the solution architects, and the project managers, they all know how to create quality and will always strive for it. Each step in the process is about quality.” Sylvain Perez, CEO of q-leap

“In the IT world, there is nothing more important than staying up-to-date. In IT, you have to use innovation to constantly reshape your company to be the best form it can be. You cannot consult properly if you are behind the times! We want to know what people’s expectations are, of the product, the market, and of q-leap’s position in it. As a company, you have to constantly transform yourself, find new prospects, find ways to give the client what he wants, but most important, what he needs.” Christian Baumann, Head of Solution Architecture & Development at q-leap.

We are very much looking forward to attend this event, and have a chat with you there! If you want to have discussion with us, let us know by sending us an email at  contact@q-leap.eu, or send a message through our social media websites LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook!

For an overview of the program, please follow this link. Don’t forget to register online by following this link.


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