The link between quality and innovation!

Par Marie Krust

26 Apr 2017

With ICT Spring 2017 coming up, we asked Christian Baumann our Head of Solution Architecture & Development, about his participation, expectations, and the importance of innovation, knowledge sharing, and their connection with q-leap’s vision!

Why do you think it is important for q-leap to participate at ICT Spring?

“In the IT world, there is nothing more important than staying up-to-date. When I participate at events like this, I always try to find key factors of improvement, knowledge and techniques that I can use in my day-to-day work to keep elevating work to the next level. This is a vision shared by q-leap, and is deeply ingrained in its fundamentals.  ICT Spring offers workshops and speakers from key players in the business, which gives us an amazing opportunity to share knowledge and remain innovative in an ever changing business.

“Because in IT, you have to use innovation to constantly reshape your company to be the best form it can be.
You cannot consult properly if you are behind the times!” he said.


What is the importance for q-leap of having a booth?

“Well, the primary reason of this is to talk to potential clients, but also to understand the current market. We want to know what people’s expectations are, of the product, the market, and of q-leap’s position in it. As a company, you have to constantly transform yourself, find new prospects, find ways to give the client what he wants, but most important, what he needs. Sometimes, what the client wants is not in line with what we give, what our vision is. For q-leap, nothing is more important than quality. And quality takes time to develop. Sometimes, we get approached with the request for rushed projects, where time and money are valued above quality. In such cases, the vision of the project is not in line with our vision of quality, and we can not commit to the project.” he said.

If you would like to know more about q-leap’s vision and discuss with Christian Baumann and q-leap team, you’re welcome at or meet us at ICT Spring 2017 on May 9th & 10th! We are very much looking forward to have a chat with you!


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