A new Solution Architect at q-leap, welcome Raoul Neu!

Par Marie Krust

30 Apr 2017

Raoul Neu’s vision can be described in one word: Quality. 

Raoul’s definition of quality is that all aspects – from functional to non-functional topics such as security and performance have to be covered before, during and after development to be able to focus after delivery on enhancements instead of bug fixing. To support this vision, Raoul adapted his work ethic.

By his peers, Raoul is often described as calm, diplomatic, and supportive. He is the guy that fixes the cracks in the foundation that often go unnoticed. In the team, he will always try to go the extra mile, whether it is thinking about ideal solutions or analyzing the requirements and solutions in their global context. He further supports the team by reducing the amount of work done in parallel, automating repetitive tasks and promoting communication about the tasks currently in progress .

He is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge on tools and programs,  to ensure that he can deliver the highest quality possible, anytime.

Recently certified as AWS Solution Architect, Raoul graduated with a master’s degree in computer science with a specialization in Internet Computing from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Before that, he acquired an Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences at the same institution. He started his career at ELCA Informatique, a leading Swiss ICT Provider, where he worked as Android Developer. Responsible for the development of a client’s e-commerce application with more 1 million users, he took care of setting up continuous integration-, testing and deployment for mobile apps, as well as consultancy on security topics related to mobile apps and their backends.

After working this position for 4 years, he took the role of an architect within ELCA Informatique. Here, he strengthened his security experience by working on a strong authentication solution, and, as lead architect in an agile project he helped a large corporation to reduce their product release cycles from 6 months to 2 weeks by leveraging automation – from testing, to deploying – and cloud technologies, while further enhancing the product’s quality by introducing security assessments and an extensive monitoring of production systems.

Raoul and q-leap have a shared vision about quality, and believe that they can both grow, together.

Welcome to the team Raoul!

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