How to maintain software quality when scaling DevOps

Par Marie Krust

06 Jun 2017

Written by: Jonathan Alexander 
Recommended reading by Julien Desmulier, Head of Testing at q-leap


“Testing and Quality Assurance are inevitable in a DevOps approach. This articlegives very good advices on how to ensure quality with such software development lifecycle.” Julien Desmulier, Head of Testing at q-leap

The allure of DevOps is speed. Whereas using agile methods can result in releases of around six weeks or so, with DevOps and its focus on extreme automation and integration, you can release code weekly or even daily. This is exciting for organizations with high user demands and/or competitive pressures to innovate frequently.

Many organizations new to DevOps are eager to get going and see how much time and effort they can save on the development cycle. The problem is that speed can sometimes come at the price of process and quality. For startups, there’s not much to worry about here. With little money and a nonexistent or small customer base, startups can be loose and fast. A few bugs released into production can be fixed before anyone notices.

Established companies or those with large user bases must be more careful. This is why when large companies embark on DevOps, they select lower-risk projects that won’t affect the business if the software has a glitch. These are often experimental projects, such as building a new mobile app or an internal social media site. The company’s goals are to learn and prototype new ideas—perfect for DevOps, since it allows for on-the-fly changes and rollbacks.

When there is success in these endeavors, CTOs and other technology leaders start to think, Hey, why not expand DevOps even into business-critical areas where we need rapid response and the work of our best team members? On balance, this can be a great journey, yet it all depends upon the application’s user requirements. If DevOps is applied to a revenue-generating application and results in downtime or critical errors affecting users for a few hours, you can probably expect a visit from the CEO.

How to ensure quality in DevOps remains a hairy problem. Regardless, once you begin to scale DevOps throughout your organization, you will need to invest more energy (time and staff) into the quality equation.

Unless you work for Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, or a few others, you’re not likely to have a huge staff, with all the right skills, and an unlimited budget to spend on perfecting DevOps at scale. These companies are on the cutting edge of cloud and software development and are inventing some of the technologies and best practices being used everywhere today.

For the rest of us, it’s time to get scrappy and work smart.

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