Tiago Dias, new Head of IT Operations!

Par Marie Krust

01 Aug 2017

Tiago Dias, our new Head of IT Operations!  

Today, we would like to introduce you to Tiago Dias, q-leap’s new Head of IT Operations!

Tiago is a pragmatic, goal oriented professional and always strives to deliver its best performance.  He mixes a combination of a joyful work environment with effectively delegation and trust in its peers and direct reports and most importantly he sees as an own goal, to develop others. He is fiercely driven and goal oriented, while remaining positive and upbeat in even the most adverse scenarios.

He believes that good IT practices will help perceive the value of technology. His strategic insight and leadership are instrumental in his success.

Tiago graduated with a Bachelor in Information Technology and Computing from the London Open University, followed by a post-graduate in Information Security from Royal Holloway.

Tiago has over 15 years of experience in information security, IT solutions, regulatory compliance, auditing and infrastructure management. He gained this experience at industry leaders, such as CERN, Deloitte, and SoftwareAG. He is a very skilled manager with the skillset and mindset to lead his team to excellence.

With his experience, skillset, and positive mindset, Tiago will contribute immensely to the growth of q-leap.

Welcome to the team Tiago!

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