ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, just published results of its international online survey.

More than 3,200 responses from 89 countries contributed to the ISTQB® effectiveness survey. Conducted in 2016, this survey covers several topics including insights into the motivation for ISTQB® certification, the relevance of the syllabi, the impact of training, and what should be included in the future roadmap.

This useful information is relevant for anyone working in or involved in testing, as well as providing valuable direction for further evolution of the ISTQB® scheme.

The key findings from the survey outlines:

  • Respondents geographic distribution is quite well balanced
  • The outcome of the 2016 survey confirms the results of the 2013 survey: a very positive evaluation of the ISTQB® certification scheme.
  • Employee career path development is the main motivation for managers for having their employees achieve ISTQB® CTFL certification. This was the main motivation in the 2013 survey also; in 2016 there is a significant increase in its preference from almost 40% to nearly 80%.
  • The survey results suggest that career path development is an important topic that can be supported by the ISTQB® certification scheme.
  • The study confirms that certification exam reflects the knowledge of the candidates to a very good extent
  • There is high and growing interest in ISTQB® Advanced Level certification. There is a ~20% increase in demand compared to the 2013 survey response data.
  • Most selected topics for future certifications are Cloud testing, Test metrics and Test effort estimation, User Acceptance testing, Web Based Application testing, and Test data management.
  • Based on the ISTQB® Foundation and Advanced Level certifications’ estimations, the maturity level of software testing certification market has increased.

Click here to download the full ISTQB® Effectiveness Survey Report 2016-2017.

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