Let’s test Supermiro’s new application!

Par Marie Krust

21 Feb 2018

Did you know? On February 26th 2018, we’re going to be testing Supermiro’s new app during the Test My App Meetup.


What is Supermiro?

Supermiro takes care of what you have most valuable – your free time

Discover each day, in a single service all the go-out opportunities and inspis (around you) tailored just for you and for all your moods: whether you are in family mode with the little monsters, in partying mood or ready for a resto with friends, in afterwork mode with colleagues, in a romantic duo mood, or in a solo mode.

Supermiro is a big dose of artificial intelligence to propose events and inspis tailored just for you, a bunch of handmade illustrations, and a lot, a lot of good mood.


What will be on the program?

In partnership with q-leap’s testing experts, Supermiro prepared an incredible fitness trail especially for you: you’ll be asked to test the Supermiro app, go through the wild fields of technology, put the artificial intelligence to test and see if she will get to know you in just a few swipes.


Where and when the Test my App meetup will take place?

The event will take place at The Office and will start at 19.00 on February 26th.

This is the perfect venue to see Supermiro’s offices, discuss with the team and our q-leap’s experts, and help them with your super feedback, with the aim of making user experience better!

Aside from being a valid excuse to meet great people, the goal of the event is to hear innovative ideas… that will maybe come to reality in the future.


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