Whitepaper : Why and how to test Smart Contracts?

Par Marie Krust

29 Oct 2018

This Whitepaper written by Nathan Beer explains why and how to implement different tests on Smart Contracts.  It also speaks about how to create the scripts and to automate the entire process from A to Z and thus ensure the integration with the help of Continuous Integration (CI).

Nathan Beer is currently in his 2nd year of engineering at EXIA CESI in Nancy, France. He was part of our team for a period of 2 months to work on this subject and we are happy to share it with you!

“Blockchain and  Smart  Contracts have  introduced new  concepts,  but  most people don’t properly understand the consequences of these concepts in terms of application quality. In addition, most people are not aware of what and how to test smart contracts.

Blockchain has many advantages, thanks to the underlying technology which allows, in particular, the emergence of Smart Contracts: the automated and clever contracts. These contracts, although secured by Blockchain, can have errors hidden within the source code, and in some cases, something even worse… hidden vulnerabilities. […]

To continue reading by downloading the whitepaper, click on the link. 



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