We’re here! Agile Testing Days 2018 #AgileTD!

Par Marie Krust

13 Nov 2018

We’re here #AgileTD! Potsdam, Germany

Join us in Postdam for the Agile Testing Days 2018 #AgileTD! The Agile Testing Days are dedicated to the world wide community of Software Testers with an Agile Mindset for constant learning and international networking, expanding your knowledge and significantly enhancing your daily working processes and business.

It’s the Europe’s greaTEST Agile Software Testing Event and at q-leap we are pleased to attend this event.

If you will be there too and would like to chat, drop us a note on our twitter page.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! @qleap_sa 

More info on this event can be found here www.agiletestingdays.com

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