Functional Testing for LuxairGroup Portal Upgrade

Project overview

LuxairGroup is a major player in the field of air transport. LuxairGroup is the umbrella entity for four major activities in this domain. For the tour operator entity, LuxairGroup built a new responsive customer portal built around the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal.

For this project, LuxairGroup has selected q-leap as partner to manage tests on this new product after its development phase.


Services offered

Functional Testing

Test Automation

Compatibility Testing

Agile Testing

Regression Testing


  • Near-shore development team while the rest of the team are based in Luxembourg
  • Involvement at the end of the project, very close to the expected launch date of the product
  • Delays in the development of the product resulting in acceptance testing in parallel with the development phase instead of taking place on a released product
  • Unclear functional requirements
  • Testing functional requirements as well as compatibility/portability requirements
  • Test the web application across different web browsers, devices (computers, mobiles, tablets)
  • Test customer facing interface as well as administrator facing interface
  • Testing functionalities delivered even though website content was not ready yet


  • Review specifications closely with the Product Owner to clarify requirements or identify specification gaps
  • Validate features first before performing any compatibility testing. Mobile automated testing was performed only once web automated testing exit criteria were met.
  • Automate tests to allow a high reuse rate of automated scripts for regression testing (after each delivery).
  • Confirmation testing (to retest delivered fixes) and compatibility testing (to run the tests under different conditions)
  • Develop Behaviour-Driven scenarios representing administrators use cases which had an impact on the customer facing interface
  • Automate tests by identifying web elements through technical properties (id, name, tags, path) instead of content related properties (text, value)
  • Implement a test automation framework allowing the use of the same test scripts to run tests against different web browsers
  • Use Gherkin scenarios as the only type of test specification to run tests whatever the target platform is (computers, mobiles, tablets)
  • Adapt test approach to support development team during sprints.
  • Support test management through a solution providing test, defect and test coverage status reporting

Technologies & methodologies used


  • On top of the final test report, the test automation framework was handed over (scripts, user guides) to LuxairGroup so that this can be reused for the next versions of the new customer portal
  • The mission lasted 3 months instead of 6 weeks.
  • No major functional issues were found after the launch of the new website.
  • 194 Gherkin scenarios written for a total of 3713 steps. 87,05 % of steps were automated (3232 steps out of 3713 steps)
  • Only a few defects were found once the features were validated
  • Some automated tests were executed more than 25 times

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