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Project overview

POST Luxembourg is a mail, financial and, telecommunications company. In the scope of the Acceptance Testing of MyPost new releases, q-leap supports POST’s Product Management team in test design activities.

This enables the product managers to execute the most important test cases, to accept the implementation of new features or features enhancements on


Services offered

Test Analysis

Test Implementation

Test Process Improvement

Test Tool Consultancy

Test Coaching


  • Acceptance testing stragegy doesn’t exist
  • Between 0,5 and 2 man-days to do the test analysis, test design and the test implementation
  • Product Managers, who execute the tests, have very limited testing skills and very limited time
  • MyPost ecosystem is very complex. Data are coming from various sources and the applicatiton is integrated with several internal systems.
  • MyPost is a web responsive application


  • Develop and implement an Acceptance Test Strategy
  • Implement a test management tool (Meliora TestLab) to help the test implementation, ease the work of the ones who execute the test, ease the test monitoring and control done by the Product Manager (test reports, defect reports, traceability matrix, tests coverage reports, requirements coverage reports, …)
  • Train the Product Managers on the use of Meliora Test Lab for execution of tests and reporting of defects
  • Use a risk-based approach to define priorities on tests so that the most critical ones are run before tests with a lower business criticality, failure probability and/or frequency of use
  • Use the combinatory testing technique to gain the highest test case coverage for platforms (desktops, mobiles, tablets) and web browsers with the minimum of tests

Technologies & methodologies used


  • Acceptance Test Strategy and test management tool implemented from first release, integrated directly in the Application Development Life Cycle and used since October 2015 (4 man-days)
  • All product requirements are covered by at least, one test case. A defect is always linked to at least, one test case.
  • Product Managers 100% autonomous during acceptance test execution phase
  • Between 25 and 40% of identified test cases are executed to cover all of the product requirements
  • Average failure rate of 7% after first acceptance test run for a new release

100 %

Product Managers autonomous during acceptance test execution phase

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