Test Execution Support for LuxairTours

Project overview

LuxairTours is the major tour operator in Luxembourg. Luxair Tours offers holiday packages to mainly Mediterranean countries and also weekends in European cities. BTN4U is the online booking platform of BTN (Belgian Travel Network) which is a network of more than 1300 travel agencies and tour operators in Belgium and neighboring countries.

The objectives of this project were to provide acceptance and regression testing on the new version of BTN4U delivered by BTN and to test new functionalities delivered with that version of BTN4U.


Services offered

Test Execution

Test Support

Coaching in Test Execution

Defect Reporting


  • Exhaustively test a complex tool in a short time
  • Monitor test execution sessions conducted by people without a tester role (sales)
  • Transmitting “test spirit” to the Sales team


  • Advise, guide and coach Sales in executing test sessions
  • Help Sales to correctly document issues found during test sessions
  • “Train” the Sales team in order to improve their test activity skills

Technologies & methodologies used


  • Growing competence of Luxair Tour Belgium Sales on testing activity
  • Having end user feedback during the test phase

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