The fragmentation of the digital environment makes mobile and web applications testing more difficult for organizations, and the development methodologies accorded make app release-speed quickly. On top of testing functionalities, the fit and suitability of user interfaces on any screen and platform, the page rendering-time on screens, the app reaction in case of interruption crash (events on the device or on the network), the compliance with accessibility standards and the behaviour of the app in various conditions and locations have to be checked.

The good coverage of those non-functional aspects are each essential elements to assure your customers the best user experience.

That’s why, as software quality experts, we support you in defining and implementing an efficient test strategy for your digital products.

Our Digital Testing service offerings include

Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Usability Testing

Localization Testing

Security Testing

Accessibility Testing

Our Digital Testing services allow you to assure the quality of visual, navigation, performance, accessibility and usability aspects of your apps accross relevant devices, browsers and OS versions and under real user conditions

Why working with q-leap to assure the quality of your digital products?

On top of our extensive digital specific knowledge, our certified and experienced test professionals are continuously researching solutions to make our digital test approaches more efficient.

By working with q-leap, you have access to accelerators we have developed specifically to test digital products such as :

  • Our Device Lab
  • Web and mobile test automation frameworks
  • Pre-built tools and frameworks
  • Cross-browser accelerators
  • Validators

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