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This online ISTQB mock exam with answers is aimed to test your knowledge in Software Testing before taking the ISTQB Foundation certification. The questions are related to the ISTQB Foundation Software Testing Foundation Syllabus.


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Q.1. Which of the following provides the BEST description of a test case ?

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Q.2. Which of the following statements is a MAJOR objective of testing ?

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Q.3. Which of the following is an example of a failure in a car cruise control system?

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Q.4. Which of the following is a defect rather than a root cause (in a fitness tracker)?

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Q.5. As a result of risk analysis, more testing is being directed to those areas of the system under test where initial testing found more defects than average. Which of the following testing principles is being applied?

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Q.6. Given the following test activities and tasks:

a. Test design
b. Test implementation
c. Test execution
d. Test completion

1. Entering change requests for open defect reports
2. Identifying test data to support the test cases
3. Prioritizing test procedures and creating test data
4. Analyzing discrepancies to determine their cause

Which of the following BEST matches the activities with the tasks?

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Q.7. Which of the following BEST describes how value is added by maintaining traceability between the test basis and test artifacts?

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Q.8. Which of the following qualities is MORE likely to be found in a tester than in a developer?

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Q.9. Given the following statements about the relationships between software development activities and test activities in the software development lifecycle:

1. Each development activity should have a corresponding testing activity
2. Reviewing should start as soon as final versions of documents become available
3. The design and implementation of tests should start during the corresponding
development activity
4. Testing activities should start in the early stages of the software development

Which of the following CORRECTLY shows which are true and false?

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Q.10. Given that the testing being performed has the following attributes:

• based on interface specifications;
• focused on finding failures in communication;
• the test approach uses both functional and structural test types.

Which of the following test levels is MOST likely being performed?

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Q.11. Which of the following statements about test types and test levels is CORRECT?

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Q.12. Which of the following statements BEST compares the purposes of confirmation testing and
regression testing?

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Q.13. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes a role for impact analysis in maintenance?

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Q.14. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY reflects the value of static testing?

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Q.15. Which of the following sequences BEST shows the main activities of the work product review process?

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